Bees are integral to our gameplay, as they are to our real-world ecosystem. We want to promote bee conservation and will be donating a portion of the money we make towards national and international bee, beekeeping, & wild bee conservation charities.

You can view a record of the donations we have made here.

We also have an Ecologi profile because Bees Love Trees!

If you want to help out you can donate to our Hivemother's Forest as well as any of the charities below that help make a difference for our fuzzy friends.

How Can You Help?

  • - Donating to good causes like the charities above
  • - Planting diverse native plants that flower throughout the year
  • - Let patches of your garden grow wild and let wildflowers grow
  • - Buy raw honey and bee products from local farmerse
  • - Buying products from sustainable agricultural practices;
  • - Avoiding pesticides, fungicides or herbicides in your garden
  • - Protecting wild bee colonies when possible
  • - Providing bee shelters/hotels in your garden
  • - Helping sustaining forest ecosystems
  • - Raising awareness to others!


Some charities doing good work that you can learn more from!
British Beekeepers Association - Research, education, and training for beekeepers
Bees For Development - Promoting sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty
Bees Abroad - Relieving poverty through beekeeping
Bumblebee Conservation Trust - Conservation and research for bumblebees
Bee Friendly Trust - Creating habitats for bees & other pollinators
The Bee Conservancy - Working to create native bee homes & honeybee hives