APICO is an upcoming casual-sim game about breeding and collecting bees!

Set in a series of lush environments, it uniquely combines farm building, resource gathering and production, and beekeeping minigames.

Heart & Honey

Encounter natural bees scattered throughout the world. Begin your beekeeping journey and show them who the real Queen Bee is.

Natural beehives

Make & Manufacture

Collect raw materials and craft resources, tools and machines to aid you. Humble hand-crafted beginnings will make way for clockwork and steam-powered tools!

Sawbench crafting minigame

Products & Profit

Take your bee-gotten gains and forge them anew. Use, trade or sell them for construction materials, technological marvels and sweet, sweet hats

Uncapping & extracting mechanics

Bolster & Breed

Cross-breed your bees for perfect stats, or earn unique loot by creating new species such as realistic elemental bees - endorsed by an Actual Scientist!

Cross-breeding brees

Create & Construct

This is your home in a welcoming land. Build and create the picturesque Apiary of your dreams, or create a deforested industrial nightmare, barely clinging to life. Efficiency... but at what cost?!

Building bases

Experience & Explore

Adventure through your own randomly generated world, reveal hidden mysteries, and unlock distinct biomes with their own characteristic flora, fauna and bees.

Exploring different biomes

Who We Are

APICO is being created by the TNgineers, two brothers (Elliott & Jamie) making games! APICO is inspired by their love of old Minecraft mods, casual, and crafting games. They wanted to make something relaxing, intriguing, and semi-educational (just don't think about the Water Bees). Elliott builds nice things and Jamie makes sure he breaks them.

The music of APICO is being created by the extremely talented Mothense - go show them some love!

APICO is being published by Whitethorn Games, a wholesome indie game publisher with a focus on cute cosy games!

Bees are integral to our gameplay, as they are to our real-world ecosystem. We want to promote bee conservation and will be donating a portion of sales towards national and international beekeeping charities.