APICO is an upcoming casual-sim game about breeding and collecting bees!

Set in a series of lush environments, it uniquely combines farm building, resource gathering and production, and beekeeping minigames.

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APICO is being created by two brothers, Elliott & Jamie, inspired by their love of old Minecraft mods, casual, and crafting games. They wanted to make something relaxing, intriguing, and semi-educational (just don't think about the Water Bees). Elliot works on the development and pixel art, Jamie works on the pixel art and writing.

The music of APICO is composed by the extremely talented @BroduxOfficial

Bees are integral to our gameplay, as they are to our real-world ecosystem. We want to promote bee conservation and will be donating a portion of sales towards national and international beekeeping charities.



Development was started in June 2020, with a first demo being released at the end of August 2020.

The game is entirely written in plain Javascript with no frameworks or libraries, initially just as a challenge for Elliott that eventually grew into an entire game engine that APICO uses.

Now that the demo has been released the full game development will begin. There are currently no plans for an Early Access, and a full release is slated for Summer 2021. The game will be released on PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

APICO currently has no publisher and there are no firm plans to use one.



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Contact & Socials

Elliott - @ellraiser
Jamie - @metakitkat

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